Imaging Software

We offer easy-to-use imaging software that can improve your operations, employee productivity, and the profitability of your business. Whether you need imaging software or a robust enterprise imaging system, we offer software solutions used by businesses in a variety of industries including:

  • All Types of Government Agencies
  • Financial Institutions
  • School Districts & Libraries
  • Automotive Parts Management
  • Logistics (Truck Dispatching)
  • Medical Records
  • And Many More

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Document Management

Electronically store and organize all kinds of documents- from accounting records to correspondence, from e-mail to technical drawing, and much more. DocuWare is widely known for:

  • complete functionality
  • simple administration
  • usability
  • seamless integration
  • absolute security

DocuWare document management is designed for 5 to 5000 users.  Electronically store and retreive on demand; letters, faxes, emails, schematics and drawings, and other important records.



D.I.S.C. Imaging Systems provides some of the best document imaging solutions in the industry for managing your important business documents. Our various products feature Content Management, ERM, Workflow and Web Access. These products are Enterprise Level solutions that are utilized by some of the most recognized names in business commerce and government. D.I.S.C. Imaging Systems also has developed a unique, affordable turnkey “All-in-One” Imaging Server with rich functionality that is extremely easy to use for digital document imaging.


Digital Check Processing & Imaging

Reduce overhead, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance workforce productivity with the advanced check-imaging solution developed by Jaguar Software. This check processing and imaging software is comprised of a suite of easy-to-use yet technologically advanced application modules. These powerful and affordable modules can be purchased as a bundle or separately, depending on your specific requirements.The functionality and flexibility built into the MirrorImage system enables you to seamlessly expand your capabilities and migration options as your institution’s needs evolve.

We also carry check scanners.


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